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Our study shows that AI can help oncologists fight cancer with the right targeted therapy.
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ONCOMPASS™ is a molecular diagnostics based therapeutic information service for Precision Oncology

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ONCOMPASS™ IDENTIFIES the mutant cancer genes in your tumor. There are multiple cancer genes, and in each tumor 1 to 8 are mutant. In order to choose the most suitable targeted therapy for you, we must first identify the mutant genes, in your tumor. For this, we use the same tumor tissue sample that was used to diagnose your cancer. We extract DNA from this sample and analyze up to 600 of the most important cancer genes.

ONCOMPASS™ PINPOINTS the best available targeted therapies in the world, today. We have more than 400 targeted drugs in our database. The efficacy of these drugs is cross-referenced with your cancer gene test; we list both the potentially effective and the ineffective drugs. Based on your test results, we also identify the most appropriate current clinical trials targeting your tumor’s specific gene mutations.

ALL THE ONCOLOGISTS can use ONCOMPASS™ to integrate targeted therapies into your personalized treatment strategy. While it is possible that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery is your current best option, ONCOMPASS™ provides information on when and where targeted therapies are available. Working closely with your treating doctor we strategize a treatment plan for you.

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